Long before Fanboys was the bane of the Weinstein Brothers existence, there was another movie about Star Wars that was well on its way. The movie, originally called 5-25-77, after the premier date of the original Star Wars film was created by Patrick Johnson, the director of Angus and the writer of Dragonheart.

The movie was made back in 2004, but was sitting on a shelf until hit was released at film festival last year under the new name, 77.

The movie tells the tale of a teenage moviemaker/ sci fi geek played by John Francis Daley (Sweets on Bones) who is afraid to follow his dream of going to Hollywood and breaking into film making.

From the trailer, the film looks to be just as funny as Fanboys was, but with all the heart that was missing from the film. There’s no caper to steal a movie that the audience already knows is awful. its just the tale of a man trying to get the strength to follow a dream that everyone else will happily tell him is crap.