“Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan” – The Menstruating Ghost of Puncak, a new Indonesian horror movie about a menstruating ghost has the country’s clerics up in arms.

The Indonesian Council of Ulemas, or MUI, is not pleased with its subject matter citing it for excessive sexuality and violence, and prohibiting Muslims from watching it.

“The film is filled with pornography, which indulges the libido and, based on our research, it contains violence,” the MUI’s Amirsyah Tambunan said.

“We urge the LSF to use its power to stop the movie from being screened because it could damage the nation’s morals.”

From the trailer, several scenes of young female star Andi Soraya can be seen in various stages of undress and indecency. Additionally, it also shows decapitation, a man’s head being crushed beneath a car, a man’s heart being pulled from his chest and a woman’s eye being gouged out with a saw.

Source: dailytelegraph.com.au