A couple of big bits of news came out about the CW’s senior series, The Flash today. First up is word that Jesse L. Martin is leaving the show as a series regular at the end of this season so he can headline a new NBC pilot, ‘The Irrational.’ The second is that The Flash could be ending sooner than we expected.

According to THR, it’s being reported that despite being renewed for a ninth season,  “sources say there has been talk of the series coming to a conclusion with an abbreviated final season.”

This is not altogether surprising given that just a month ago, Flash Showrunner, Eric Wallace said that he was writing a season 8 finale that could act as a series finale if need be.

“We’re writing the season finale as we speak, and I’m happy to report that it all gets resolved by the end of season 8, so we can start fresh and clean, should we, knock on wood, be able to have the privilege to do a season 9.”