Hasbro has been talking about their shared cinematic universe for a couple of years now. The movies are supposed to include Transformers, GI Joe, Micronauts, Rom The Space Knight, and possibly M.A.S.K. It now looks like something is happening with the last name on this list because wrestling and film superstar, John Cena posted a random image on his Instagram account that has a lot of people talking.

Unless Cena grew up playing with the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand vehicles as a kid and was just feeling nostalgic, there’s a good chance that he’s either getting ready to drop news of involvement in the planned M.A.S.K. movie, or he’s campaigning to be involved in it.

So, who would Cena play? The obvious choice would be Matt Trakker, leader of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand team. We can’t see him playing any of the other people from the classic cartoon and toy line.

Stay tuned for official news – Probably around the same time as when Comic-Con was supposed to happen.