One of three things is happening on Josh Gad’s Twitter feed right now. He’s either teasing an announcement that he’ll be playing The Penguin in an upcoming Batman movie, publicly campaigning for the role of The Penguin in an upcoming Batman movie, or he’s just trolling for fun.

Gad is riding high of his recent turn as Lefou in Disney’s live action Beauty and The Beast film, and will make more money milking the role of Olaf for all it’s worth than you or I could ever imagine, but his post this morning, which simply featured an image of the classic Batman Villain, The Penguin, with no caption, has people speculating that he might be looking for a darker opportunity in his next outing.

If for some reason, he is chosen to play The Penguin in a future Batman film, he’ll have pretty big shoes to fill as he’s compared to the likes of Burgess Meredith, Danny Divito, and even Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor.

Source: CBM