No, of course it isn’t, but the new game from the Pokemon company popped up on the App store today and it seems like they forgot to tell anyone. The Pokemon company is known for pimping their games months ahead of time. We saw teaser vids for Sun and Moon way before the games ever came out, and we were getting teasers for Pokemon Go, for what feels like at least 6 months ahead of it’s launch. So, how is it that they launched a whole new Pokemon game today for mobile platforms and didn’t tell anyone?

The cynical answer is that it probably sucks and they didn’t want the attention, but that’s too easy. Why would they even bother releasing it if that was the case. The real reason is probably that they know they can’t compete with the previous launch of Pokemon Go, so why even try. After all, this isn’t even the same type of game. Instead of running around and finding pokemon and pokestops, this is a “strategy board game,” that lets you fight teams of six Pok√©mon characters with players around the world. Interestingly, interacting with players around the world is a promise of Pokemon Go that has yet to be fulfilled.

Who knows, maybe it will be awesome. Check out the launch trailer below and then head over to your Google App Store or Apple Store and see if it’s the app for you.