With the success of MTV’s “Jackass: Number 2” it was all but a guarantee that there’d be a third installment. The question wasn’t of if, but when. And it look as if ‘when’ has finally come. Cinematical is reporting that a list of Paramount Pictures’ 2010 slate of movies includes not only a third Jackass film, but specifically a third installment of Jackass in 3-D.

Huh? Really? I have no idea what they could possibly plan or why the third film would even need to be in 3-D. But if you love movies about stupid people doing stupid things for your amusement and their wallet then this will probably go down as the best of the Jackass trilogy. It seems as if the gang ups the ante in every installment and there’s no reason to think otherwise with Jackass in 3-D.

While most of the Jackass crew seem to have gone their separate ways with their own projects, we can only speculate that Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man and Ryan Dunn will all return.

No release date has been named, and filming according to Margera is set to begin next January. Rest assure social delinquents, we’ll have more regarding “Jackass 3” as it develops.

Source: Cinmatical