There’s been one bad guy’s name on the lips of Marvel fans since the Infinity Gauntlet made a quiet appearance at Comic Con a few years ago… Thanos. It’s been pretty much expected that he’d be making an appearance in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but we just now are getting the confirmation from Gunn.

Here’s what Gunn told EW about the the mad titan’s connection to the rest of the characters in the movie.

“[Star-Lord] was abducted from Earth (Missouri) at age 8 and raised in a group of thieves and smuggles called the Ravagers. He’s good with the ladies and a little bit of a dick and very lucky. Thanos slaughtered [Gamora’s] family and Nebula’s, then raised them together as siblings. They were bio engineered to become living weapons, so he’s really good at killing people.”