Unknown actor Jason Momoa has been cast as Conan in Marcus Nispel’s “Conan” reboot. Latino Review also reports that Conan’s father, has been offered to Mickey Rourke.

Production is said to begin within eight weeks, and Momoa will begin to bulk up for his role as barbarian. While Momoa is built in his own way, he’s certainly no Arnold Schwarzenegger as he carries a much smaller frame. It’s possible that he could represent a younger Conan, however.

Momoa is best known for his appearance on Baywatch and Stargate: Atlantis so you know he’s in great shape and is establish among the geeks.

“Conan” will be produced and distributed by Lionsgate. Andrew Lobel’s re-write on the early screenplay by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer is getting high praises. While I’ve tapered my expectations of a Conan reboot, the news that Rourke might possible be on board has just jacked my interests twofolds.

I’m still uncertain about Momoa as Conan as I’m much use to him being a hulking mass of barbarian muscle, but I’m sure Momoa will be able to bring something new to the character and story. While Arnold looked intimidating and brutish, he wasn’t exactly a poet and said all about three lines in the trilogy combined.

Source: Latino Review