The Boston Globe is reporting that there are more and more changes on the Farrelly Brothers abomination known as the Three Stooges. While I personally feel that this movie should never be made, studios will do whatever they can to squeeze as much money as they can from anyplace they can find it. Who cares if remaking the stooges is almost as wrong as Ryan Oneal’s recent funeral antics… there’s money to be made!

So what’s the story with the cast? Well, now that Sean “Full Retard” Penn has bailed, will be replaced by Paul Giamatti in the role of Larry and Benicio Del Toro will for some ungodly reasons still be playing Moe. The real question comes with new news. Jim Carrey has decided to recuse himself from the role of Curly leaving the part as vacant as Sean Penn’s eyes. Who will replace Carrey? hopefully no one. The project needs to die a quiet painful death in a dark corner.