Earlier this week, it was announced that Jared Leto would be added to re-shoots of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League.’ It was a little surprising, given that the Joker was never set to appear in the original cut. Now word is coming down that another villain will also be appearing as Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke may finally be given a chance to shine.

With the recut of the film having expanded to a four-hour mini-series on HBO Max, it isn’t really surprising that new content is being added into the story and we are thrilled that Manganiello is getting a chance to come back and play Deathstroke. Originally, he appeared in the post credits scene of the first cut of the film as well as in some set photos Ben Affleck released from his now-canceled Batman film. Given that Manganiello had previously lost out on the role of Superman to Henry Cavill before having the role of Deathstroke pulled out from under him by the poorly performing Joss Whedon cut of the film, we couldn’t be happier to see him get his day.

Source: Collider