Fox411 is reporting that “The Office’s” John Krasinski is very close to becoming Captain American in Joe Johnston’s “The First Avengers: Captain America” that will propel him from a comedic sitcom star to an action hero.

Krasinski is reported to have read four times for the role and screen tested twice. With the final step being a chemistry test with the female co-star. Meaning, it’s a job only he can lose.

“John has read 4 times and is doing screen tests,” our anonymous source tells Fox411. “He has screen tested 2 times so far. It’s very likely that he will be the new Captain America. He is a favorite among the key decision makers and has been asked to come back for more this week.”

While I like Krasinski and have been a fan of “The Office” for quite sometime, I can’t say I’m too thrilled with this news. Because let’s be honest, despite the film not being slated for release until 2011, no amount of bulking up or hair cutting is going to turn apathetic Jim Halpert into an Avenger, let along the leader of the Avengers.

While I respect Krasinski and his talent whether on TV or on the silver screen, the comic book geek in me can’t help but scream that this is the equivalent of Warner Bros deciding to audition and cast Nicolas Cage as Superman.

Source: FoxNews