When Jon Stewart gave up the chair at Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, the world was gifted with an amazing advocate for causes like 9/11 first responders in need of support due to the health ramifications of their efforts, but we also lost one of the most intelligent and nuanced voices on TV. Throughout his tenure on the Daily Show Stewart was more than happy to poke fun at both sides of the aisle and in doing so, changed the way an entire generation got most of it’s political news.

After a five year absence from the small screen, Apple TV + has just signed a deal for him to return for a new current affairs series. In a report from THR, it was announced that Stewart has signed a multi-year deal for an hour-long series that will take an in-depth look at one issue in every episode.

Given that Ted Lasso is really the only show generating any buzz on the streamer, you can bet that fans are most likely going to make this the world’s most pirated series. As much as everyone loves Jon Stewart, is there anyone really subscribing to Apple TV+?