It looks as if CBS has found its Sherlock Holmes in Zero Cool.

Jonny Lee Miller, best known for him portrayal as Zero Cool in the ’90s film “Hackers,” has been cast as Sherlock Holmes in CBS’ upcoming pilot titled “Elementary.”

Michael Cuesta will direct the episode based on Robert Doherty’s script which is said to be “a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes who now lives in New York City.”

Miller who has sort of faded from obscurity after “Hackers,” most recently starred in Danny Boyle’s stage version of “Frankenstein in London.” The production also has Benedict Cumberbatch as the co-lead, who funny enough plays Holmes on BBC’s popular “Sherlock” series.

I’m not sure how Miller will be as Sherlock, he will always be Zero Cool to me. But I am confident that people unfamiliar with him would love him as the world’s greatest detective.

Source: Deadline