It was an inevitability that there be a sequel to the Brendan Fraser surprise 3D hit “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” and New Line and Walden Media’s Journey have announced that there will indeed be a sequel. The film will, however, no longer star Brendan Fraser. Josh Hutcherson who played the nephew of Fraser’s character in the original will star instead.

Fraser left the project due to scheduling conflicts. Scheduling conflict also made the original director Eric Brevig unavailable. Brevig’s next film will be “Yogi Bear.” A a result New Line have replaced him with Brad Peyton (Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore). Although Peyton has not officialy signed on to direct, it’s all but a done deal.

The original “Journey to the Center of the Earth” made $242 million worldwide and the sequel is tentatively planned for a Fall 2011 release.

Source: Deadline