Adi Shanker is probably best known by readers of Youbentmywookie as the creator of the Bootleg Universe, a series of films based on Marvel characters, that ended up being better than a lot of the early Marvel films. The first film, Dirty Laundry, was based around The Punisher and actually starred Thomas Jane as Frank Castle. The second was a film based around Venom, starring Ryan Kwanten (The man who should be playing Matt Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil) as Eddie Brock. Now, Shankar is about to release a six episode animated mini-series that gives his take on the world of Judge Dredd. Today, he’s released the full trailer and the episode list ahead of the October 27th show launch.

Episode breakdown:
Episode 1: Judge Sydney
Episode 2: The Angel Gang
Episode 3: Judge Death
Episode 4: Rico & Vienna
Episode 5: In Death We Trust
Episode 6: Dredd vs Death

On why he wanted to do the project:
1. The “Bootleg Universe” is about viewing things through a fresh lens. I wanted to do something that played up the satirical tone of the Judge Dredd comics, an anti-establishment British comic about post apocalyptic America. Furthermore, I’m not going to bootleg my own thing and do it in live action … I’ll save that for Dirty Laundry 2.
2. I personally love cartoons, so I wanted to mimic the look of 90’s MTV, “Ren & Stimpy,” Liquid Television, with a dash of “ReBoot” and juxtapose that with the trademark violence found in everything I have done. When I was younger all of your favorite comic book sci-fi anti-hero characters had an animated series, X-Men: The Animated Series, Ultraforce, WildC.A.T.s, Savage Dragon, and even Youngblood got close … so in that tradition this is Judge Dredd’s foray into ultraviolent kids animation!”

Source: Collider