The Snyder Cut is here. It’s already leaked online and it is being released to HBO Max subscribers today. Most reviews are positive and seemingly redeem the film that Joss Whedon and the studio hacked to bits when Zack Snyder had to step away for a family tragedy. So, this would be the ultimate cut of the film, right? It’s such a director’s cut that they literally named it after him. Well… It’s not. There’s another edition coming to HBO Max sometime down the road, the Gray Cut.

The most notable difference between the Gray Cut and the Snyder Cut is that it is in black and white. However, we’re now learning that it isn’t the only difference. It turns out that there are going to be additional Joker scenes in the Gray Cut that are not included in the Snyder Cut. News of the additional scenes came out in an interview between Youtuber Wonder Meg.  Here’s what Snyder said while discussing Jared Leto’s now-famous line from the trailer.

“There was a version of that.“What I was trying to do was…a second for the black-and-white version, for the charity version of the movie. I wanted to…there’s a second ending of the movie, of the Jared Leto scene, just slightly different. I included that line.”

“I also did very much like the broken, the tricked, the vulnerable Joker that you see in the movie. And so it’s a trade-off of not getting the vulnerable Joker, you get the line and one other idea, which is cool, and I like it.”