When the summer of 2015 comes around, comic book fans will have more to look forward to than just The Avengers 2 from Joss Whedon and Marvel. Now it looks like they they will be getting a double shot of super hero mega teams on the big screen.

Warner Bros just announced that The long rumored Justice League film will be heading to theaters during the same summer, almost guaranteeing some overlap between the two films. Superman may be the man of steel, but WB has got the balls of steel for making a move like this.

Right now, all we know about the film is that it should include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and The Flash.

It is generally assumed that Henry Cavill will be playing Superman, unless Man Of Steel is as bad as Superman Returns. There are also some rumors about Armie Hammer being named as Batman.

The Justice League film will also serve as a jumping off point and new introduction for the Post Nolan Batman franchise.