Justin Lin (Fast Five) is one busy guy. With the success of “Fast Five” it seems as if he’s suddenly the new “IT” director having been pegged to direct “Fast Six” and the new “Terminator 5” tentatively rumored to feature the original “Terminator” cast.

In a recent interview, Lin reveals that at the moment he is still planning on directing Summit’s “Highlander” reboot and that the project is still moving forward and “very much a priority.”

“I’ve been working with [‘Iron Man’ writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway] on the script. That’s one where Summit has been really good [about letting it develop], and for me, it’s about making sure that we can take it to the place where I feel comfortable and great about making it. I feel like I have a very good studio and team and we’re working on it.”

Lin goes on to say that while he’s been named as a few starting directors, it’s unlikely for him to tackle every project and one of these projects could easily fall off his radar:

“I have different projects at different stages. You work on so many projects all at once, and at some point, you have to make the call. I feel like right now, ‘Highlander’ is in pretty good shape, but I still have to see all the other things come together for us to go make it.”

From the sound of it, it seems as if “Highlander” is something he’s interested in but not one of his top priorities. However, he reassures fans that he is very excited about the project and working with Art and Matt. From this we can only assume that Lin is currently trying to play the field and to keep all his options available. In Hollywood, that’s a smart thing to do and with his recent success and talent, it’s time for Lin to finally capitalize and go where opportunities take him.

Source: MTV