Talk about long overdue, Korean developer Ntreev is developing a Power Rangers MMO, with its first closed beta set for November 3rd. The beta unfortunately will be Korean only, but it’s said to last until November 9 and will hosting 5,000 players.

From the looks of the trailer, the game is designed more as a side-scroller and not your typical 3D 3rd person type game play. The MMO will be based on the 2006 Mystic Force series and not the classic that most of us here in the US grew up watching and loving. Like most MMOs, players can design and make their own character. They can level up and change their costumes and gain new equipment, powers and skills.

The beta features two acts with fourteen stages, and tells the story via comic book style splash scenes. Check out the trailer below and curse really hard as to why it couldn’t have been the classic Rangers. Oh Tommy, you were so dreamy!

Source: Geekosystem