Don’t call it a come back. Luc Besson’s 1990 film La Femme Nikita is returning to small screens once again, after having been remake into a film starring Bridget Fonda and a TV show in 1997 staring Peta Wilson which ran for five strong seasons.

According to Empire, US TV channel the CW, home to Supernatural and Gossip Girl, has ordered a pilot for a new take on an old classic. The new show will be about Nikita going rogue as we follow the progress of a new assassin in training to replace her and ideally bring her down.

With its cult like following in the late ’90s, there’s no surprised that La Femme Nikita is being revived especially in today’s climate where kick-ass girls and clandestine subjects pull in hefty ratings. Who doesn’t love chicks with guns?

Even if this remake bombs, at least we’ll all know it once was a viable property and the studios will just wait another decade or so before trying to reboot/remake it.

Source: Empire