What better way to start off this week than to find out all the undead happenings of the last seven days!

Wipe off the drool and prepare yourself for another wrap-up of last week’s zombie news! Over at Zombies & Toys, we are giving away a zombie baby bib and a zombie license plate frame this month. We have also just confirmed that FearWerx will be offering several great items next month. Some new zombie clothing arrived in the Zombie Toy Store this week including shirts for gals and guys as well as zombie onsies for the babies. New Zombies & Toys lanyards are now available, too!

So, yes, The Walking Dead was in the news again this week. Keen readers of both YBMW and ZT will have seen the three new trailers that were made available . But, alas, there is another zombie series premiering in October! Bring on the Zombie Roadkill.

Thomas Haden Church stars in Zombie Roadkill as a park ranger trying to escape a stretch of highway that reanimates… well… roadkill. Sounds a bit different, but who says zombie animals can’t be scary too? Remember Cujo? Zombie Roadkill will premier on FEARnet On Demand October 4th.

There was a bit of Zombieland 2 news announced this week: There’s a script. There were announcements earlier in the year that there would be a sequal to the zomcomedy but I guess this is the official word. While nobody is officially signed, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin all admit to being interested in returning.

As further proof that zombies make everything better, I give you the announcement of a new book, Zombies vs Unicorns. Seriously.

“Zombies are lovers and fierce warriors, hunters of the living and just plain cool. Unicorns are sparkly, pastel, and fart rainbows. But they’re also arbiters of justice, healers, and vicious man-killers. Which side are you on?”

The University of Baltimore has decided to make you feel even worse about school starting. While you are walking uphill both ways in uncomfortable shoes through feet of snow, students at U of B are enjoying their studies. I don’t care if you’re in grade school, high school, or college. The next time you open your finance or history textbook, know that there is a student learning in a class called Zombies 333. The course will be taught by Arnold Blumberg, co-author of “Zombiemania: 80 Movies to Die For”.

“Right now we’re in a massive surge of zombie entertainment,” said Blumberg. “On the most basic level, zombies are probably one of the most potent horror icons, one of the closest to us in terms of identification factor, in terms of reflecting ourselves,” he said. “The zombie is, simply, us.”

Students will watch 16 classic zombie films and read several issues of “The Walking Dead” comic book series from Dark Horse Comics. They are also required to submit research papers, write zombie movie scripts and make drawing boards of zombie films of their own making. So why is the course called “English 333”? Because that number is half of 666. I’m not making that up.

Stop back next week for your fill of the undead. And don’t forget to enter our second YBMW contest as a winner will be announced next week! Enter by emailing you name and address to ybmw@zombiesandtoys.com. Until next week, keep your head and aim for theirs.