Gotham is wrapping up its final season and Bruce and The Joker are set for a climactic showdown at Ace Chemicals in this week’s episode. Now photos have leaked from the set of the show that gives us our first look at what Jerome will look like in the 10-year flash-forward that we’ll be getting in the series finale.

The final season ( as well as all previous seasons) has been mixed to say the least. This season, it looks like they’ve said screw-it, let’s just throw everything against the wall and have some fun. Lee is back, Barabara is pregnant, Bane is in the mix, and it’s all going to culminate in a body-double donning the cape and cowl because David Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne is around 8″ too short to make it work. Given the current status quo on the series and images like the ones you’ll see below, it’s hard to imagine that we are heading for a happy ending. But then again, this is Gotham. Does anything ever really end well in that city?

Source: CBM