*** Nope, looks like we got trolled. The cam that we just posted, as cool as it looks, appears to be a fake, using footage from Knights of the Old Republic. There is a second one that I’m pretty sure is fake too, but I’ll post it anyways, just because the idea of Boba Fett popping up in the new film is very cool.

Well, Happy Thanksgiving. Other than finishing up our gift guide and posting a new contest (keep your eyes peeled) we’ve got the official release of Star Wars The Force Awakens’ international teaser trailer. It actually shows a lot more than I was expecting to see in the 88 second teaser… even as one of the world’s crappiest cams that I’ve ever seen in my life, it’s still insane looking. I can’t wait to see it when it pops online for real tomorrow. Be sure to come back and check it out!

Time for me to shut up and time for you to hit play:

The other probable fake: