Talk about music to my ears. Here is ten minutes of leaked original “TRON: Legacy” score by French electro duo Daft Punk. Full of throbbing and electronic beats, it’s what one comes to expect from Daft Punk. And while I’m no Daft Punk expert, the sample seems a bit on the darker side and less pop like their “Discovery” stuff.

It’s also been rumored that there will be two “TRON: Legacy” albums that will be released concurrently: one with the movie’s score and another with music set in the TRON world. Double albums are quite common, but this would mark the first instance of two separate releases. Whatever the case, this is one of those instances there more is automatically much much better.

Rumor further indicates that the duo themselves will make an appearance in the film as virtual Deejays of the hellish video game world.