In what sounds like a project destined for failure, ABC is looking to revive the classic, 1960’s animated series, The Jetsons, as a live action series. EW is reporting that the network has already put in a pilot order for the reboot and they’ve even managed to rope Robert Zemekis in as an executive producer.

There are currently no reports on who will be cast to play the firs family of the future: George Jetson, Jane his wife, daughter Judy, his boy Elroy, if the dog, Astro will be live action or CGI, or how they will tackle the show’s now seriously retro vision of future tech.

I Just want to point out that we are talking about the network that just cancelled a legitimately good live action series in ‘Downward Dog’ and is now pushing this to pilot. Just because it takes longer to build a new brand than pick the bones off an old one’s corpse, doesn’t mean that it can’t be worthwhile to do so.

SOurce: EW