At this very moment, fans are lining up for or coming out of the opening night screenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but Disney is already busy at work with a slew of other spin-offs based around the most popular characters of the original films. Sadly, we’ve yet to get our long-awaited announcement of an Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan film, but a lot of fans are going to be thrilled by THR’s new report that Lucasfilm has tapped Logan director James Mangold to write and direct a spin-off film based around Boba Fett. Helping out as Co-writer and producer will be X-Men: Dark Phoenix director, Simon Kinberg.

Between films like Knight and Day, Walk The Line, Logan, and 3:10 to Yuma, we know that Mangold has the chops to handle films that kill when it comes to action and drama. The only question that remains is when the film will take place in the life and times of the world’s most famous bounty hunter.

If we were given our choice, the film would open with a dazed and frustrated Boba Fett waking up in the belly of the Sarlacc and go from there. The more obvious option is that they place the film in the same time frame as the Solo film so that they can create the opportunity for a Solo vs Fett film that will never get made if there is a God.

If they go the route of an older Boba Fett who has turned his back on the Empire after the events of Episode VII, the other question remains is whether they’ll follow the casting of Star Wars Canon. Boba Fett is a clone of his father, Jango Fett. Jango was played by Temuera Morrison, who has since gone on to voice Boba in the Star Wars Battlefront games. The New Zealand actor has also kept busy since losing his head in the prequels and can next be seen playing Aquaman’s dad, Thomas Curry in the upcoming James Wan film for Warner Bros.

Source: THR