When images first started leaking last November from the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens, you could almost guess that the source was Abrams and Lucasfilm stoking the fires of fan excitement. It turns out that at least one of the leaked images, the first full body image of Kylo Ren was in fact not a leak that was approved by the higher ups.

Here’s what Courthouse News is reporting now:

SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Lucasfilm is searching for whoever leaked a photo of the new “Star Wars” movie on an image-sharing network. The film company filed a subpoena request in federal court today against ImageShack, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Lucasfilm seeks information that will identify user “Darth_Simi,” who allegedly posted at least one unauthorized image to the ImageShack site on Oct. 29, 2014.

It will be interesting to see if they catch Darth Simi and whether it will be punishment by Sarlac Pit or Carbonite… Just as long as they don’t lock them in a room for 20 minutes with Jar Jar. That’s inhuman!

Note to all leakers… Piss off Lucasfilm and they’ll bend you over and take you in the dark side.