Seems like MacGruber has again found himself in all kinds of trouble. But this time, it’s the kind of trouble he can’t get out of unless he has money, a lot of settlement money. Latino Review, reports that the creator of MacGyver is crying foul over the new film.

Apparently Lee Zlotoff, who created the ’80s series that turned Richard Dean Anderson into a TV-cult icon, is now claiming that the Saturday Night Live-based comedy movie goes beyond acceptable parody and strays into rights infringement.

Zlotoff, who retains the control of the film rights to his series has been trying to develop a cinematic spin-off to the series and is now talking to lawyers about possible injunctions or a copyright lawsuit.

Now it’ll be up to cancerous suits to decide whether MacGruber makes fair use of the character. I guess no one learned anything from the “Dukes of Hazard” debacle a few years back.

Source: Empire