There’s a few good things to report in this story. First up is that is looks like Joe Carnahan is now the next director in line to take a stab at Daredevil. This is great because it was looking like hope was lost for the project when David Slade bailed on it. Carnahan did a great job on The Grey and I’m looking forward to seeing his work on the Man Without Fear.

This in itself doesn’t clear up the bigger problem… FOX is just about out of time to get the movie going or give Daredevil back to Marvel/Disney. Thankfully, Disney had another idea that helps them with their next phase of films and allows FOX to hold on to Matt Murdock a little bit longer. The solution? FOX gets time in exchange for characters!

Now, here’s where it gets awesome. The characters that Marvel gets back are Fantastic Four universe characters Galactus and Silver Surfer.

Now it finally makes sense to have Thanos set up for the bad guy in Avengers two… hopefully with the Infinity Gauntlet in tow!

Source: Deadline