Disney+ has just dropped the mid-season sneak peek for What If” and it looks like we are getting our first look at how the individual stories will come together for the finale. We also got a new look at party thor, some team-ups, and a tease that Peter Quill and his dad, Ego are definitely coming back.

The series has been pretty popular among critics and fans alike, but as a fan of the original What If? comics as a kid, there feels like there’s something lacking here. It could be that the animation, while solid, is almost a little too smooth and the voice acting, while it’s great that they were able to use so many original MCU actors, might have been better off if they had people with actual voice actor training. With all that said, the show is decent and has the potential to finish great. Let’s hope they stick the landing.

Why stop at one hero when we can show you all of them? Marvel Studios’ What If…? continues with brand new episodes streaming Wednesdays on Disney+.