It’s been a very busy day here at Wookie Central as prep for the 2019 Gift Guide and Giveaway goes into high-gear, but we still want to get you the big news items of the day. Today’s posts will be a bit shorter, but still worth checking out.

We don’t usually have 2 video game stories in one day when it isn’t E3, but when you’ve got Marvel and Hideo Kojima each dropping game trailers, you make an exception.

The new trailer is set to be divisive as it gives us our first taste of Kamala Kahn, aka Ms Marvel as the main character of the game. While Kahn has been a critical darling for Marvel Comics over the last couple of years, her comic books haven’t exactly been burning up the sales charts and her Marvel Legends figure was a serious peg-warmer. This has led some fans online to speculate that choosing her as the lead of the game was more of a PR move than a fan-service. The good news is that, even if Ms. Marvel isn’t your bag, you can unlock and play several other avengers over the course of the game.

Marvel’s Avengers is a third-person action-adventure game where you play an all-new, original Avengers story reassembling Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This video dives deeply into how you customize Super Heroes’ Gear, Skills, Outfits, and how to launch missions from your helicarrier base of operations to take on AIM.

Marvel’s Avengers will be released on May 15 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.