Variety is reporting that The Venom movie based off the character from Marvel’s Spider Man is definitely getting his day in the sun with a movie to call his own, and now it looks like they have taken the next step to sign a writer for the project.

In “Spider man 3,” Topher Grace played the role of Eddie Brock/Venom, but they are saying that the new movie will be starting from scratch, so there is a pretty good chance than you won’t be seeing him tied to a symbiote again. Additionally because we’ll be seeing a new Venom, there are rumors that we’ll be looking at a repositioning of the character as “an antihero who becomes a defender of the innocent” rather than a psychotic parasitic alien organism that drives its hosts mental leading them to murder, death and kill.

The writer tasked with the job is none other than Gary Ross, who will also be rewriting the script for “Spider-Man 4.” His goal is to direct the picture as well, even if that means postponing the film he is currently writing and directing about Lance Armstrong.