To say that “Terminator Salvation” was a disappointment in 2009 would be quite accurate, but that isn’t deterring McG who is determined to roll out two more Terminator movies to complete the trilogy.

McG recently expressed his interest in making more Terminator movies and redeeming himself on a BD-Live commentary for “Terminator Salvation.” This, however, does become complicated by the fact that Halcyon Entertainment plans on auctioning off their rights to the Terminator franchise in February, with Sony and Summit entertainment considered to be amongst the front runners to win it.

While it’s relatively safe to say there is still enough interest in the franchise, too many punches were pulled with the weak PG-13 rated “Salvation.” As a result, evidently by its $371 million worldwide pull, it became a watered down shell of the former franchise.

For the new franchise to have any leg, we can only hope that the next installment returns to its mature ‘R’ rated root, and only then maybe there will be any salvation for this slowly dying franchise.