With the FOX/ Disney deal almost done, the X-Men are poised to head over to the MCU and one actor has a suggestion for the people making decisions about what comes next. Breaking Bad star, Bryan Cranston is more than a little interested in playing a famous villain from the mutant franchise and the subject came up in a recent interview.

During the chat, he happened to mention that he wanted to play a particular type of villain in a movie:

“an antagonist a fraction smarter than the protagonist, never dumbed down to give the hero an easy win.”

When the interviewer then suggested Mister Sinister, he replied that it was exactly who he was thinking of.

“I’ll admit. Mister Sinister was the character I was thinking about… I guess it’s a selfish standpoint. I don’t want to do a character that has been done several times before. I don’t want to be compared like ‘well, his Commissioner Gordon was yada yada yada.’ I don’t want to do that. I want to take something that hasn’t been done.”

So, Kevin Feige, Whaddaya say?

Source: CMB