Michael Bay has confirmed he’s signed on to direct “Transformers 4.”

Bay has recently signed with Paramount Pictures that will see him direct the fourth installment in the ever popular “Transformers” franchise.

Producer Lorenzo DiBonaventura, will also return, and has revealed that the next installment will be a soft reboot but will try to maintain the same continuity.

“I think we really are going to do a reboot there. What that’s going to be, we don’t even know yet. We gotta get a story first. You can’t pick characters until you have a story,” he says. “It’s a funny thing, it’s not what I perceive Spider-Man to be is just a redoing of the whole thing. It’s not that. It’s an evolution, there’s still continuity that’s going on.”

“It’s a hybrid because there’s still continuity going on, and there will be a lot of new cast. Whether there’s anybody from the first cast, we don’t even know yet.”

“The truth is, there’s going to be a whole new story. But the characters that would certainly come along would be Optimus and Bumblebee, I’m sure.”

The third film, “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” earned over 1.1 billion dollars worldwide. And with so much money yet to be made from a sure fire franchise, it wasn’t an question of if, but when.

Paramount has given “Transformers 4” a tentative release date of June 29, 2014.

Source: TV Shark