One film that hardcore DC fans have been hoping for is Lobo. It will be interesting to see how they feel now that the mastermind of the Transformers films might be the one to direct it. the Wrap is currently reporting that Bay is being considered for the director gig for Warner Bros. He’s reportedly already met with the Warner Bros execs and offered notes on the script that Wonder Woman scribe, Jason Fuchs is going to incorporate into a re-write before he makes a final decision.

Plans for a Lobo film go back as far as 2009, when the project was being developed as a PG-13 film with Guy Ritchie behind the camera. the hope seems to be that a new, R-rated Lobo film could give Warner Bros the Deadpool style hit that Suicide Squad was supposed to be. It’s kind of a shame that Jason Mamoa is already Aquaman, he seems a lot more suited to this role.

Source: the Wrap