Four years ago, Patrick Jean put a short video out on Vimeo that became so loved that Adam Sandler bought the movie rights to it. Now, Sony has just announced that the feature version of the film is set to hit the big screen in the Summer of 2015. They also announced that Michelle Monaghan and Peter Dinklage will be joining the previously announced cast that includes Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, and Kevin James.

Here’s the unofficial synopsis of the film:

In Pixels, aliens invade planet Earth after misinterpreting video feeds of classic arcade games as a threat. The President (James) calls on his childhood friend, Jules Brenner (Sandler), a former arcade champ turned home theater installer, to assist in saving the planet. Monaghan is set to play a weapons expert in the film, who is also Sandler’s love interest. Dinklage will play Sandler’s former arcade foe. Gad will portray a socially inept genius with a lot of conspiracy theories.

In case you missed the original film that started it all, here it is:

PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE on Vimeo.