When asked by reporters about whether he’d be in the new Iron man sequel, Rourke allegedly said “You Bet Your Ass!” There’s no official word on the matter and the there is still no confirmation on what role he would be playing.

Meanwhile, The Sun is reporting that Sylvester Stallone has offered him a role in his next Rambo film:

…the comeback king got a plum offer from pal SYLVESTER STALLONE — over afternoon tea.

Sly asked The Wrestler star to be in his next Rambo film after meeting up at the Four Seasons Hotel in LA.

A source said: “It was weird seeing two movie tough guys sipping tea on the veranda. They chatted about the Oscars then Sly begged Mickey to sign for Rambo V. Mickey said he was up for it.”

Mickey — who flew out of LA yesterday with his dog Jaws — is lined up to play the baddie in the film, due to be shot later this year.

He is also about to start filming Sly’s new thriller, The Expendables, alongside BEN KINGSLEY, SANDRA BULLOCK, JET LI, JASON STATHAM and FOREST WHITAKER.