Last Weekend’s box office results are in and it looks like the new Beyonce/ Ali Larter thriller, Obsessed put a serious hurting on the second week of the new Zac Efron starrer, 17 Again. The interesting, if not really sad thing about this is that the top two slots for the weekend were both re-treads of movies that have already been done. 17 Again is just a retread of other movies like: 18 Again and Visa Versa. Obsessed is just a new twist on the 1990’s movie, The Temp.

At #3 we have Fighting starring Channing Tatum who is at the beginning of a summer that will make or break his career. Along with “Fighting”, Tatum will also be on the big screen this summer in both GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra as Duke, and he’ll also be in the Christian Bale/ Johnny Depp blockbuster “Public Enemies” where he’ll be playing Pretty Boy Floyd.

While both Hannah Montana and Fast and Furious dipped towards the bottom of the rankings for the week, F&F is still holding strong in foreign markets.

1 Obsessed $28,500,000
2 17 Again $11,665,000
3 Fighting $11,441,000
4 The Soloist $9,715,000
5 Earth $8,554,000
6 Monsters Vs. Aliens $8,524,000
7 State of Play $6,891,000
8 Hannah Montana The Movie $6,372,000
9 Fast and Furious $6,062,000
10 Crank: High Voltage $2,400,000