I’ve got to say, having just say through four and a half hours of Olympics opening ceremony… it was kinda weak compared to the spectacle that China put on last time around. With all the pre-done bits and on screen CGI additions… I don’t know… I just wasn’t really impressed.

When China did their show, they had tremendous majesty and thousands of performers in perfect time. With Danny Boyle’s Ceremony, we got a 10 minute tribute to the Nationalized Healthcare. I don’t care where your politics are… that’s just boring.

With that said, there were a couple of highlights. Everyone will be talking about the Daniel Craig/ James Bond pre-filmed bit with the queen (I’ll see if I can find that to post for you in a second) and everyone will also be talking about the real highlight of the show… Rowan Atkinson of Mr. Bean and Black Adder fame, doing what he does best.