Disney has announced the actress set to play Ms Marvel/ Kamala Khan for their upcoming Diseney+ series. After a long search, the studio has now announced that Iman Vellani has been cast as the MCU’s first Muslim super hero.

Vellani’s Ms Marvel will be part of the second wave of Disney+ MCU shows which will also include She-Hulk starring Tatiana Maslani and a new Nick Fury series starring Samuel L. Jackson. Much like the She-Hulk casting, this is significant news for the MCU as both Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk are rumored to be team members when the new iteration of The Avengers hits the big screen in coming years along with Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Spider-man, War Machine, and a few other heroes.

While Kamala Khan has been in the comics for a few years, many people are just learning about the character through her leading role in the new Avengers video game. If you aren’t familiar with the character, she’s a Pakastani-American teenager from New Jersey with Inhuman genes who discovers that she has the ability to shapeshift. As a superhero fan herself, she idolizes Captain Marvel and assumes the mantle of Ms. Marvel in her honor.