Gen Ip, a student from Vancouver BC has put together a stop whatever you’re doing and WATCH THIS montage masterpiece featuring 270 films that came out in 2010.

“My film selection process was fairly open; anything that was either produced or distributed in 2010 was fair game,” says Gen.

“I started compiling film trailers in September, but the actual editing work was done in October and November in between bouts of schoolwork,” Gen explains. “And so it went, the routine process of importing clips into my editing system, and subclipping notable shots and soundbytes.”

“That was tedious, but also necessary in giving me enough knowledge to find useful cross-references to use in the video. I didn’t really have a concrete idea of how the final product would look, but l wanted it to feel cohesive, as if the movies were talking to and feeding off of each other.”

Filmography 2010 is hands down the best edit I’ve seen all year. It has a fantastic score as well. Absolutely amazing!

Source: TV Shark