According to a recent “ground breaking” study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, video games do not result in teen violence and can instead improve social interaction.

“It’s not just about 14-year-old boys sitting alone in the basement blowing things up” – Amanda Lenhart, the Pew senior researcher

Basically stating the obvious, this study is said to be the first large-scale study set out to examine the relationship between gaming experiences and teenagers’ daily social lives. By wasting tax payer’s dollars and surveying over one thousand teenagers, it was concluded that gaming experience involved a significant amount of social interaction and many played video games socially which can help teens engage more prolifically with the world around them.

According to researchers, 97% of teens aged 12-17 play video games regularly, and that it has become a central role as part of their social experience – dispelling ultimately the myth that gamers are socially inept.