Vampires, whether you love em or hate em, they’re here to stay. And NBC is making sure of it with their new spin on an old classic.

According to Deadline, NBC is bringing Dracula to life in a new contemporary drama. The show is set up as a “script-to-series” commitment, meaning it won’t go through a pilot stage, but will instead end up going straight to series if the executives like the script.

The series reportedly being developed by producers Tony Krantz and Colin Callender and is being written by Cole Haddon.

The vampire drama will be set in the 1890s, and is described as “Dangerous Liaisons meets The Tudors and as a big, sweeping international soap opera that is young, sexy and supernatural.”

I’m not sure if I have any interest in another Vampire show as the concept has been milked to death since HBO’s “True Blood.” But if it does get picked up, chances are I may give it a go on the off chance that it doesn’t completely suck.

Source: Deadline