The question that’s been on everyone’s mind since last week, why did NBC not pick up “Wonder Woman,” has finally been answered… sort of.

According to NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt the reboot from Warner Bros. TV and David E. Kelley was not greenlight because it didn’t “fit” into what NBC was doing.

“I hate to disappoint anybody. I know there are legions of fans of the original show,” Greenblatt told EW.

“I don’t know if it’s cursed or what. I just have this one experience. They made a really fine pilot and Adrianne Palicki did a fantastic job. You look at what you have, what you need, and it just didn’t seem to fit in with what we were doing.

“We did what was best for the schedule,” Greenblatt continued. “It does give one pause. You’re almost damned if you and damned if you don’t. It’s tricky.”

Greenblatt assures fans however that the criticisms of the costume had no bearing whatsoever on the pilot not being picked up.

“I was surprised there was such an uproar. But that didn’t have anything to do with whether the show got picked up. I love that it got so much attention. All that engagment from people whether it was positive or negative was good. And she did ultimately have these little hot pants…”

But does this mean it’s the end for Adrianne Palicki’s run as Wonder Woman? Not according to Greenlatt. He says that Warner Bros. TV may still try to shop the pilot elsewhere. With that, there’s still hope for those hoping to see Wonder Woman rebooted on the small screen someday.

Source: EW