In a move that might not be a great sign for the future of the DC Streaming Universe, the newest DC show has just been announced, and it’s heading over to Netflix. Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is finally getting the live-action adaptation that they’ve been working towards for years and THR is reporting that Netflix has paid more to make it happen than they ever have for a series up until now.

The new series is set to be executive produced by Gaiman and David Goyer, and is set to bring the Endless to life at long last. If you haven’t ever read any of Gaiman’s Sandman comics for the Vertigo Imprint of DC Comics, they focus on Morpheus (also known as Dream), a being who controls the realm of dreams, and his omnipotent siblings Destiny, Death, Despair, Destruction, Desire, and delirium.

This is just the latest Gaiman property to hit TV in the last couple of years. Along with creating American Gods and Amazon’s current hit ‘Good Omens’ (with Terry Pratchett), he also has character creation credit for the characters in the Fox-turned-Netflix series, Lucifer.

Source: thr