Despite all the the hullaballoo about Edgar Wright leaving Iron Man and the movie never being able to recover, it’s looking like Marvel might have pulled another hit out of their hat. Reviews have been very positive. Even James Gunn has been heaping Praise upon the movie.

Now, a new viral video is out for the movie from Marvel’s fictional news agency WHIH. The video, which stars Leslie Bibb as Christine Everhart, the news reporter who bedded Tony Stark in the first Iron Man movie and is rumored to be playing the same role in Captain America: Civil War, makes mention of The Avengers final battle with Ultron, the first stages in what sounds like the MCU’s version of the Super Human Registration act (Which leads to Civil War), and some back story on Ant-Man’s Scot Lang, an engineer who was arrested for stealing millions from a company called Vista Corp and then funneling all the stolen money back to Vista Corp’s customers.