‘Brave’, the first non-sequel movie from Pixar since 2009 is gearing up to be a great movie. First, this will be the first Pixar movie to feature a strong female protagonist. Originally, that was going going to be Reese Witherspoon, but thanks to scheduling conflicts (nothing personal, she just isn’t right for a Scottish epic). Next, this will be Pixar’s first venture in to the time honored tradition of the Disney Fairy Tale.

Finally, we’ve got a stellar cast that really fits the film. You could not ask for a better cast for a Scottish fairy tale than this.

Princess Merida:Kelly Macdonald
King Fergus: Billy Connolly
Queen Elinor: Emma Thompson
Old Wise Woman: Julie Walters
Lord MacGuffin: Kevin McKidd
Lord Macintosh: Craig Ferguson
Lord Dingwall: Robbie Coltrane

Now, check out this beautiful concept art for the film care of EW.

Source: ew