The Hashtag show has gotten hold of the character description for the main character in DC Streaming’s new Stargirl series. We know that they are looking for an 18+, year-old woman of any ethnicity to play the 15-year-old incarnation of Courtney Whitmore, a.k.a Stargirl. Here’s the full description of the character for the new series.

“An intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman, Courtney is witty as well as an incredible kind individual who is living a perfect teenage life in Los Angeles, California. However, her life is completely changed when her mom gets married. Because of this, Courtney is forced to leave her life in L.A. behind as she moves to Blue Valley, Nebraska with Courtney’s mom’s new husband and his family. …. when she discovers that her stepdad used to be a superhero’s sidekick, Courtney takes it upon herself to “borrow” this superhero’s cosmic staff which leads to her becoming a surprising inspiration as she leads a brand new generation of superheroes!”

Source: CBM